We offer a full suite of coverage and protection for your vehicle. Our coverages and products are backed by AllState, so you know you're in good hands. Through AllState, we offer GAP Coverage, Complete Protection Packages, Tire and Wheel Protection, Paint and Fabric Defense, and Excess Lease Wear and Tear Protection. 



Just because your vehicle is pre-owned, it doesn't mean you can't protect it like it's brand new. Bessey Motors and AllState offer added coverage to your vehicles manufacturer warranty. Drive with the confidence of knowing your new pre-owned vehicle is covered like it was brand new. 

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Our goal is to deliver the lowest cost of vehicle ownership through offering important vehicle protections at very competitive pricing. 

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Disappearing deductible

Pay $0 deductible when filing a claim at Bessey Motor Sales. If you can't make it to us, you'll only have to pay $100 to get back on the road. 

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Interested in speaking directly with our Protection Product specialist? Let us know how you'd like to be contacted and a specialist will contact you to answer any questions you have. If you'd like a no-obligation price quote, we are happy to provide for any of our Protection Products. Contact Us





The Allstate® Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)1 program helps cover what you owe on your vehicle loan or lease if you experience a total loss before it's paid off. GAP waives the difference between your primary auto insurance settlement and the outstanding balance owed on your vehicle on the date of loss.1,2




  • Provides protection for new and used vehicles valued or financed up to $100,000
  • Reimburses you for your primary auto insurance deductible up to $1,000
  • Waives covered losses up to $50,000

Commercial Coverage: If you drive your vehicle as a means of income, including ridesharing services or delivering food or groceries, you may not be protected. Ask about our Commercial GAP waiver.


vehicle service contract


What if your vehicle needs a repair after your factory warranty has expired? If this happens, an Allstate® Vehicle Service Contract can protect you from paying high repair costs. We cover a range of mechanical breakdowns. simply choose the coverage that's best for you.



  • Pays 100% of covered parts and labor after deductible
  • Allows you to transfer your contract, adding to your car's resale value
  • Provides protection against increasing replacement costs

​​​​​​​1 This information is for marketing purposes only and is a summary of the Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Addendum. Programs may vary by dealer/ lender/state. GAP is not insurance. Please refer to the Addendum provisions for specific information including details of benefits, terms, vehicle eligibility, conditions, limitations and exclusions that apply to this program. Maximum eligibility limits apply.
2 This example is for illustrative purposes only. Actual GAP waiver calculations will vary based on the specific circumstances.
The GAP Addendum may not waive your entire loan balance. Please refer to the Net Payoff definition in your GAP Addendum for specific information including details of amounts not included (e.g. late charges, delinquent payments, deferred payments, etc.).
3 Please note that the purchase of a GAP Addendum is absolutely voluntary and is not required by the dealer as a condition of receiving a loan. The program offered may duplicate coverage you might already have through a personal auto insurance policy or other source of coverage.
This site is for informational purposes only. Please talk to a participating dealer for help determining which Allstate products are right for you.

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