Tire Rotation Service in South Paris, ME

Tires receive an uneven amount of wear when left in place. To extend the life of tires and make sure they wear evenly, automotive professionals highly recommend drivers rotate their vehicle’s tires. Drivers wondering where to go for tire rotation service in South Paris, ME should look no further than Bessey Motor Sales, located at 209 Main Street. Drivers can easily schedule an appointment for vehicle service right here on our website or by contacting our service department at (844) 298-0791.

Every model should follow a different type of tire rotation pattern based on its drive train type and the type of tires equipped to it. If drivers are unsure of the appropriate tire rotation pattern for their vehicle, an automotive specialist will be able to help them determine which pattern will be best.

When Should Drivers Rotate Their Vehicle’s Tires?

Drivers should rotate their tires every six months, or roughly every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. The owner’s manual for your make and model will include more detailed and accurate information regarding tire rotation patterns and scheduling for your vehicle. Because uneven tread wear greatly reduces the lifespan of a tire, tire rotation is a service that should not be ignored.

Front-wheel drive vehicles wear down their front tires faster than their rear tires. All-wheel drive, front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive vehicles wear down their tires more evenly, but still feature enough differences in degradation that rotation is still recommended.

In addition to rotating your vehicle’s tires, Bessey Motor Sales can also assist drivers with automotive repair and maintenance services such as: Oil changing, tire balancing, automotive electrical service, automotive glass repair and replacement, wiper blade replacement, coolant fluid flushing, transmission fluid flushing, multipoint vehicle inspection, wheel alignment, engine air filter replacement and more.

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