Tire Balance Service in South Paris, ME

Tires need to be balanced on a regular basis. If drivers fail to make tire balancing part of their maintenance schedule, they may notice uneven wear and even uncomfortable steering wheel vibration as they continue driving. Drivers looking for tire balance service in South Paris, ME can trust in the automotive experts at Bessey Motor Sales to get the job done. We even allow drivers to conveniently schedule an appointment for service right here on our website.

Tires should be balanced every 6,000 miles or so. However, drivers who are experiencing strange vibrations at highway speeds or uneven wear patterns on their tires should consider taking their vehicle in for tire balancing even earlier. Getting your tires balanced on a regular basis will dramatically increase the lifespan of your tires.

Why Do My Tires Need to Be Balanced?

If tires aren’t properly balanced, they won’t roll as smoothly or consistently as you drive. This can become especially noticeable at highway speeds, as the steering wheel can shimmy and shake as a result of the imbalance. Tires that aren’t properly balanced not only receive uneven wear but are also more likely to be punctured or receive other types of severe damage.

Tires naturally become imbalanced as you drive. This imbalance is caused by shifting weight, movement caused by bumps in the road and a gradual loss in tire pressure. Because of this, it’s important for drivers to check on their tires regularly and take their vehicle in for service when they first notice signs of trouble.

In addition to tire balancing, Bessey Motor Sales can help drivers with many other automotive services, including: Tire rotation, vehicle inspection, electrical service, lube, oil and filter changing, wiper blade replacement, headlight replacement, taillight replacement, transmission and coolant flushing, automotive glass replacement and repair, front end alignment and more.

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