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One of the most common types of automotive service is going in to get an oil change. Trying to figure out where to go for an oil change in South Paris, ME? Drivers can trust in Bessey Motor Sales to help with all their oil change needs. Schedule a service appointment today for a time that works best for you and meet with our team of automotive professionals.

Oil is used to clean, lubricate and cool the many moving components of your engine. Engine oil reduces the damage caused by metal to metal contact and friction. This engine oil will deteriorate over time, going from a golden, smooth liquid to a thicker, black liquid that fails to protect the engine as well. Failing to change your oil will result in a variety of engine troubles.

When Should Drivers Go in for an Oil Change?

Recommended oil change schedules can vary greatly by oil type used and the production year, make and model of the vehicle itself. Consult with your owner’s manual and follow the recommended schedule as outlined by the manual. On average, recommended intervals between oil changes can be as low as 3,000 miles or as high as 10,000 miles.

Drivers who fail to change their vehicle’s oil will notice reduced engine performance and the old oil becomes more sludgy and grimy. This requires the engine to work harder, wasting fuel and reducing performance. Old oil also does a worse job of cooling the engine, resulting in possible overheating issues and permanent engine damage.

In addition to oil changing, drivers can trust Bessey Motor Sales for a variety of automotive services, including: Coolant flushing, transmission flushing, tire rotation, tire balancing, multi-point inspection, automotive glass service, automotive electrical service, engine air filter replacement, brake adjustment and repair, muffler and exhaust repair, wiper blade replacement and more.

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