Coolant Flush in South Paris, ME

When a vehicle’s coolant becomes too old to do its job, it’s important for drivers to take their vehicle in for a coolant flush. Drivers interested in scheduling a service appointment for a coolant flush in South Paris, ME can do so through Bessey Motor Sales. Our dealership’s talented team of automotive experts will handle your vehicle with the care it deserves and get you back in the driver’s seat as soon as possible.

Coolant is an important part of your vehicle’s temperature control systems. This liquid maintains the temperature in the vehicle’s engine system by diffusing the heat generated by the engine while it’s in operation. Drivers who fail to flush their coolant according to schedule may run into engine troubles as they continue using their vehicle.

Why Do Vehicles Need Their Coolant Flushed?

As coolant gets dirty due to collected debris and rust particles, the coolant starts to break down with age and needs to be replaced for proper engine care. The primary reason why this dirty coolant needs to be replaced is its inability to maintain temperature, but there are other dangers associated with dirty coolant as well. Built-up debris can clog the radiator of your car, which can lead to overheating and serious engine damage.

As a rule of thumb, drivers should expect to flush and replace their coolant every 100,000 miles or three years. However, drivers should consult with their model’s owner’s manual, as it will have more detailed information regarding maintenance schedules for coolant flushing. 

Bessey Motor Sales offers a large selection of automotive maintenance and repair services in addition to coolant flushes, such as: Oil changing, tire balancing and rotation, a multipoint vehicle inspection, add-on and accessory installation, battery inspection, automotive electrical service, headlight repair and replacement, engine air filter replacement and automotive glass repair and replacement.

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