Battery Check & Inspection in South Paris, ME

Battery problems can lead to some major vehicle trouble. Thankfully, many of these issues can be easily avoided with proper maintenance and preemptive action. Drivers who want to take their vehicle in for a battery check and inspection in South Paris, ME can trust in Bessey Motor Sales to get the job done. Our team of automotive specialists provide nothing but the best quality service and will have your vehicle back to you in a timely manner.

A vehicle’s battery is responsible for powering the electrical system and plays an important role in the ignition system. Like all batteries, automotive batteries will deteriorate with time and will eventually need to be replaced when they lose the ability to hold a charge. However, a battery’s lifespan can be extended with proper care.

How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

Car batteries can last as little as two years if not properly taken care of. In perfect conditions, drivers who stay up to date with proper maintenance and best practices can have their battery last up to five years.

Batteries can start to fail for a large number of reasons. While all batteries will eventually die, the lifespan of a battery may be shortened due to factors such as extremely cold or hot temperatures or built up sediment.

One easy way for drivers to extend the life of their battery is making sure that their electronics are unplugged and all internal lights are turned off before exiting the vehicle. These components can slowly drain power from the battery, wasting energy and reducing the battery’s charging capability.

In addition to battery service, Bessey Motor Sales can also help drivers in the South Paris, ME area with: Multi-point inspection, tire rotation, tire balancing, brake adjustment and replacement, automotive glass service, transmission and coolant flushing, headlight and taillight service, oil changes and more.

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